2017 Year Ender

I fulfilled all of my work for the year so the last month is ideally dedicated to planning and personal work, although this is proving difficult as Christmas is approaching. The energy of the city, the early vacations, the parties, the heavy traffic, the unusual rain and wind chill—all of these generate cumbersome moments of inefficiency and (as much as I hate to admit) laziness. Although the excitement of planning for the year ahead remains.

December was capped off with a few sketch work. I received a pack of 10 9x12s from our local Arches distributor and decided to use them for a series of watercolor work. I haven’t really explored dark backgrounds for watercolor so I welcomed these images with zero expectations. Going back and forth oil and watercolor is always refreshing, like setting down a piece of a puzzle. The experience is similar to being a messenger for two people who want the same thing, but are both speaking different languages. You learn from one but you can never fully translate this to the other. This process of translation fascinates me, often more than the finished painting itself.

Updating this section won't be a regular thing but I'll be sure to write about upcoming shows and projects in the coming months.