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Way of the Flesh

Group exhibition with South East asian Artists. G13 Gallery, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Participating artists:
Ana Verayo
Dexter Sy
Ernest Concepcion
Jason Montinola
Kaloy Sanchez
Lec Cruz
Valerie Chua
Kow Leong Kiang (Malaysia)
Ong-Arj Loemornpagsin (Thailand)

G13 Gallery has not only been known for promoting local talents at their premise and several international art fairs. But they are also keen on collaborative projects with regional galleries, curators and even artists directly. It has become one of their modules to introduce local audience with fresher, abroad palette once in a while.

For the month of July, G13 Gallery is proud to present ‘The Way of The Flesh’ a group show which is predominantly consisted of fine artists from the land of Philippines. The artists (in alphabetical order) are as follows: Ana Verayo, Art SanchezDexter SyErnest ConcepcionJason MontinolaKaloy SanchezLee Cruz and Valerie Chua.  As an addition, there will be two guest artists that will be participating in the group show as well. Representing Malaysia is Kow Leong Kiang and Ong-Arj Loemornpagsin from Thailand. Collectively, the group show is comprised of ten artists from around the region. The direction of the exhibition revolves around the mastery and prowess of figurative art each artist wishes to present. It would be very exciting to witness the similarity and disparity between one artist to another.

The Way of The Flesh was initially planned out roughly a year ago, which is the result of an inquiry and discussion between G13 Gallery’s creative director and artist Jason Montinola who was visiting the gallery not so long ago. Both parties have acknowledged each presence through shared mutual friends and stumbling upon a few times during art fairs. This exhibition denotes their first collaboration and hopefully will be bloomed even more in the future.

To G13 gallery, the exhibition is an extension to the collaborative efforts shown through the support from artist in Southeast region. G13 Gallery has never neglected scouting raw talents that has been showcased throughout their outing. Just like the artists, a gallery should become an outgoing body not just to promote its name as a brand but also to gather connections that would initiate such fruitful result like this exhibition as an instance. If anything, G13 gallery believes in bridging the gap between the local audience and regional artists.  After all, we are neighbors if not brothers and sisters.

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