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Planes of Existence

  • Art Cube Karrivin Plaza Philippines (map)

Planes of Existence presents 12 varied perspectives from 12 different contemporary painters. Throughout the course of time, the parameters of landscape as a genre rebelled its predecessors according to what is deemed currently relevant and disposable. The inception of the genre was brought about as an essential component in uplifting the environment of the gods and figures of power up to the point of its separation: man’s decision to paint landscape as a stand-alone imagery. As history approached the twentieth century, and as movements changed and questioned its predecessors, land became a malleable subject, giving more power to the ordinary man to paint as how he feels and sees it, without being constrained by structure or virtue.

The definition of landscape as purely an environment becomes liquid and transgresses beyond technique, framing, orientation and subject matter. This exhibition aims to revel the fluidity and definition of the genre according to the artist as a participant in the makings of history. Due to the revisionary definition of landscape, the canvas becomes a blank slate that confronts the participant’s decision to carry over past notions or to give first to new definitions.

Bjorn Calleja
Valerie Chua
Ernest Conception
Don Dalmacio
Frelan Pakz Gonzaga
Jason Montonola
Nix Puno
Rega Rahman
Art Sanchez
Kaloy Sanchez
RA Tijing
Ciane Xavier

Earlier Event: July 24
ASYAAF Korea under Gallery LVS