All courses below used to be available in my studio from 2014-2017. There are currently no in-studio classes for 2018. For inquiries, please feel free to contact me.

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Intensive Fundamentals

Learn drawing, watercolor essentials and techniques in just two sessions. Students will be taught scaling and drawing approximation, how to prep their papers, proper use of materials, color theory, hand gesture, and application of washes. Students will go straight to drawing and painting and will be instructed on how to approach still life subjects step-by-step with precision and ease. By the end of the session, students will be able to successfully complete full colored paintings and will be equipped with the knowledge to paint on their own while reducing fear and guesswork. Ideal for intermediate painters but great for complete beginners as well.


Portrait Painting

Sketching, coloring and composition. This course focuses on creating quick portraits for sketching using both pencil or watercolor. This class introduces contouring according to tonal placement. Learn color theory as well as techniques on how to see and select areas for detail work and how to finish portrait paintings without overdoing it. This class gives importance to decision making and creating precise lines and color in the shortest amount of time possible. Strictly 8 students only with 1-on-1 supervision.


Flower Painting

A Beginners Course. Learn a more life-like approach to drawing and painting flowers with emphasis on composition and placement. Students will be taught color theory as well as creating washes, gradients, and proper glazing straight to painting. Most importantly, knowing when to stop or progress with layering, and how to properly recognize color shifts. Apart from accurately portraying references, students will be taught how to create offshoot stylization from photorealism. Techniques taught here are applicable to different subjects such as fruits, transparent and foreshortened objects.


Portrait Fine Tuning

This is a more structural approach to painting a portrait. Coloring will be discussed according to planes and practiced in difficult color situations, enabling students to stretch their capabilities in creating their personal skin-tone formulas. Learn how to tackle difficult lines and colors. Learn an easier way to paint hair and blend this seamlessly with the background. Students will learn how to identify and make small-yet-relevant adjustments that can contribute to the overall look, semblance and feel of a portrait.


Ambient Lighting

Learn how to approach painting scenarios that deal with shadows and low key lighting. Learn how to paint light and glowing images amidst a dark background while maintaining a sense of belongingness between all layers. Students will learn efficient steps in reducing errors while painting with dark colors confidently and also learn how to adjust color temperatures and water diffusions according to the environment.


Regular Training

These classes are recommended for those who wish to receive regular hands-on training. Complete beginners are required to take a 1-on-1 class or a Fundamentals Workshop before joining a continuous class. Topics are meant for experienced learners. Classes focus on image-building and full rendering of assigned subjects. Students are taught both drawing and painting in all classes.

For strictly 1-on-1 classes, please contact me. Rates are charged 1,800php hourly for 1-on-1 exclusive of materials.